The Unnamed Google Algorithim Update

The Unnamed Google Update

On the week of March 13th there was chatter in the SEO community about a possible Google update which turned out to be true. This unnamed update was confirmed by Danny Sullivan at Google via Twitter. Danny stated that Google had released a broad core algorithm update which they do several times a year but this update had the community on fire as many noticed volatilities in the SERPs.

Why Did Google Update Their Algorithm?

Google is not perfect however the machines have gotten very good at understanding what users want to see (intent) and providing users with the most relevant results based on their intent. Google uses end user data and elicit feedback from end users to determine intent and what results resonate well from an end user perspective.

This core algorithm update is just another way for Google to remove the junk from the SERPs and provide end users with a positive search experience.

What Should You Do?

Google stated that there is nothing that you can do so the answer is quite simple. Carry   on with business as usual. Google did not provide any specifics about what changed with this core algorithm update but all brands should continue to act like a publisher and ….

  • Create high-quality and useful content for end users to consume that answers their questions in the moment
  • Provide users with a positive content experience across all devices and platforms which fast loading web pages
  • Be prepared for the mobile index which already started rolling out

How Can I tell if I’m Impacted by this Update?

  • Look at your average positions in Google Search Console and see if you have a decrease in average visibility for the keywords that drive traffic to your site.
  • Monitor your analytics to see if your site experienced a drop-in traffic pre- and post the algorithm update.
  • Check your SEO platform for any fluctuations in rankings or any third-party tools that you use to monitor rankings.

Summing Up

While we can’t provide a specific point of view on this because it is a core algorithm update and there is nothing you can do, brands must continue to follow Google’s guidelines, and practice ethical SEO and build quality sites with useful content that is helpful to end users.  A quality site helps Google with their mission i.e. organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.